Follow-up of a report and tracking of progress

It is possible that during an investigation (that may result from your report) questions arise that only you can answer. During the process of entering your information, you will be given the choice to provide contact information or not. This information is kept confidential and is not revealed in the report that is forwarded by Deloitte. If you prefer not to provide any contact information, you cannot be contacted to keep you informed about the status of your report, nor can you be contacted for further information. You can however, still use this website to track the progress of the report and provide more information if necessary by clicking Track a Report. You can access your report file at any time with the report key you receive when submitting the report. If there are any further questions concerning your report, these will be posted in your file on the website, to which you can respond. If you have chosen not to provide any contact details, you are kindly requested to check your file regularly to see if there are any questions that we would like to ask you, to further investigate the incident.

After the report and any subsequent investigations have been concluded, the information contained in or related to your report will be deleted from Deloitte's systems and data storage facilities.