Disclosing irregularities within Safaricom

The best way to advise Safaricom about information regarding an incident relating to criminal, unethical or deceitful behaviour by the management of Safaricom, its employees or service providers is to directly inform your manager or supervisor in the case of employees or a known contact person in the case of business partners. He or she should normally be able to take immediate action to counter the incident. If you don't feel comfortable informing them or if you have already done this, but no action was taken, you can also inform another member of management within Safaricom, who has been designated to deal with reporting of this kind.

If you don't feel comfortable informing anyone within Safaricom, you can report your information through this website or by phoning Ethics Hotline. The information that you provide on this website is only accessible to Deloitte who is an outside agent and completely independent of Safaricom Limited.

After you have completed the report, Deloitte will forward the information on the incident you have reported to the appropriate person within Safaricom Limited, as the case may be, so that the appropriate person can take the necessary action. The information from the report that is forwarded to Safaricom will be sent in anonymous form; any detail that could lead to your identification will be omitted (unless you specifically authorise Deloitte to reveal your identity in the report that is forwarded). Still, when making a report through Ethics Hotline you will be asked to provide your name and background on your position in the company in the case of employees and your business relation in the case of business partners. This information is only used by Deloitte to better evaluate the reported incident and to be able to provide you with feedback regarding the follow-up of your report.

It is important that you supply as much information as possible, and report anything that might be of interest to the incident you're reporting. The more information you give, the better the incident can be dealt with.